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Beautiful Science

Sea Horse in Space - Science Earrings featuring the Carina Nebula

Sea Horse in Space - Science Earrings featuring the Carina Nebula

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Science is beautiful – and now you can wear proof of that on your ears!   These earrings feature a lovely image of the Carina nebula based on observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

The Carina Nebula is a large star-forming area about 7500 light years away, and much bigger than the Orion Nebula, but in the southern sky, so is less known in the north.  It contains many interesting features including multiple star clusters and the most luminous star known in our galaxy!

I created the image by taking the Hubble data and blending colours into it digitally I then print the image on clear plastic backed with 'liquid mirror' to give it a shiny, vibrant finish. The results are attached to a medical grade stainless steel stud earring backing and embedded in resin.

The body of the earring is about 1.8 cm ( 3/4  inch) tall and 1.4cm (1/2 inch) wide, and is attached to a stud earring backing made from 316L grade stainless steel - one of the grades commonly referred to as 'medical' or 'implant' grade.  

The earrings will be shipped with a velveteen or satin bag.
If you'd like similar earrings made with any of the other images or items I have listed, let me know - I can generally work something out, though it might add a few days to the delivery time.

These earrings should be relatively water resistant. but I wouldn't recommend wearing them while swimming or bathing.

I want you to be totally thrilled with your earrings - if you aren't, let me know within 2 weeks and I'd be happy to arrange a refund, and pay for the return shipping.
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