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Handmade Birch Leaf pendant with Beautiful Image Featuring a pond

Handmade Birch Leaf pendant with Beautiful Image Featuring a pond

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This Birch Leaf pendant is hand made from a 3D printed design and features a unique image I created by blending various photos I took. It's an unforgettable piece of art that's sure to impress.

The captivating color pattern originates from the light reflected off soap film. Minute changes in the thickness of the soap film produce interference patterns in the reflected light, giving the brilliant colours and complex patterns incorporated in the image.

The pendant is ~3.5 x 6 cm (~ 1.5 x 2.5 in), and will come with a silver-plated 45cm / 18 in chain.

The image includes a photo I took of a pond near where I grew up, a photo of ice crystals, and a photo of light reflected off soap film (the same kind you blow bubbles with).   The image is backed with a 'glow-in-the-dark' layer - when charged under bright light, it will glow in the dark.

The backing is created in metal clay using a silicone mold I created - and I then fire it in a kiln in my basement to turn it into solid metal - either bronze or 960 sterling silver.

The image is sealed under a layer of hard resin - cared for carefully it will last for decades at least.   The pendant is splash resistant, but shouldn't be immersed in water - take off before showering or swimming.


1: This item is available in both bronze and silver, and in a vertical and diagonal orientation.   Make sure that you select the material / orientation you want!

2: this item, like all silver and bronze items, will eventually tarnish and need to be polished, and might discolor some people's skin if worn directly against the skin.  Take care not to damage the clear resin over the image when polishing the backing

2: I don't have photos of this piece every material or orientation - some images are a digital mockup of what it would look like in other materials / orientations. 

3: These items are handmade - the backing may feature slight imperfections of tooling marks

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