Green and Purple Monkey's Head Nebula, With Tree - Beautiful glow-in-the-dark Astronomy Pendant from the Centre of our Galaxy

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Science is beautiful – and now you can wear proof of that around your neck!   This pendant features a beautiful image of the Monkey's Head Nebula based on observations from the Hubble Space Telescope blended with a photo of a tree that I took at Raven's Knoll, Ontario

I created the image by taking the Hubble data, blending colours into it digitally and then blending in the photo of the tree.  I then print the image on clear plastic backed with 'liquid mirror' to give it a shiny, vibrant finish.  The results are placed into the pendant bezel and covered with an epoxy resin.  A glow-in-the-dark resin is layered behind the image, so it can be 'charged' with normal or UV light to give it a long-lasting glow.

The glow-in-the-dark effect works best if 'charged' in front of an UV LED flashlight for a little while - 30s or so.   It will glow quite brightly for around 20 minutes, and will gradually darken - at an hour it will still be glowing, but it won't be very bright - but it can be recharged as many times as you like!  I'll include a small UV flashlight for you to use to recharge it quickly.

The pendant is approximately 5cm by 2.5cm ( 2 in by  1  in)  The pendant will be shipped with a velveteen or satin bag and a  45cm (18 inch) silver-plated brass chain.  Let me know if you'd like a 60cm (24 inch) chain or a leather or nylon cord instead.

I can also make earrings that match this design - if you'd like a pendant and earring set at a discount, message me and we'll sort out the details.   Also message me f you'd like a different size or another variant of this pendant - I like doing custom work.

Please note that the pendant is water resistant but not waterproof. Remove before swimming or bathing.

I want you to be totally thrilled with your pendant - if you aren't, let me know within 2 weeks and I'd be happy to arrange a refund, and pay for the return shipping.