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Two years ago I spent quite a bit of time working on making bezels in bronze - I tried using metal clay, but didn't have much luck with it, and tried using a mixture of metal powder and resin instead - this solved some of the problems I was having with metal clay - but introduced new ones...   I did eventually come up with a process that mostly worked, but the quality of the final pieces wasn't as good as I wanted, and I eventually gave up.    I've decided it is time to try it again - over the last few days I've started to experiment with it again - trying out both a commercial bronze clay mixture, and mixing my own clay from metal powder and a few additives (Xanthan gum and potato starch at the moment).     It's still somewhat early - in some ways it's a lot nicer to work with than the resin/metal mix - but I'm still fine-tuning the process!    Hopefully I'll have some items to show soon!
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